Monique Convey General Counsel

My name is Monique Coney. I was born and raised in Miami. I attended and graduated with my high school diploma from William H. Turner Technical High School. I attended and graduated from Miami Dade College.

I currently work as Communications Operator (aka 911 dispatcher) for the City of Miami Beach. Its a job that despite the stress and trials, I continue to do because I enjoy serving the community and helping others. I also serve as Executive Vice-President and Executive Board member for Communication Workers Of America (CWA Local 3178) which is the union that represents employees in the city.

While serving in this capacity, I developed an interest in learning more about politics especially the politics of my local areas. So through social media, I started following and reading up on the Democratic Party. I discovered the Miami Dade Young Dems through Facebook and attended my first meeting. From that meeting, I saw firsthand the drive and passion of other young Democrats who want to do more locally. It’s a drive and passion that I do share because I want to serve my community.

I think education of what going on in your own city is key to understanding what’s going on with nationally and globally. So I’m determine to support the Miami Dade Young Dems in their efforts to educate and bring awareness of vital issues that are going on in our county so residents, especially residents between 18-40 years old, are knowledgeable when they go to the polls.

Miami Dade county has been my home all my life. And I am happy to serve my community in the best way possible.


David Puentes- Governmental Affairs Director

David Jesus Puentes is an attorney at Cifuentes-Marrero, P.A., working primarily in the area of Business and Employment Immigration to the U.S. 

Due to his personal experience with immigrants both in his professional and personal life, particularly as the son of immigrants, the 2016 elections and subsequent deterioration of the conversation surrounding U.S. immigration and the muddling of facts surrounding the topic, David decided to involve himself more deeply in politics through the American Immigration Lawyers Association as well as through greater involvement in the Democratic party.

Recognizing the importance both of local politics and of recognizing budding leadership ability for the future of the Democratic Party and the nation, David decided to do whatever possible to further these goals through the Miami-Dade Young Democrats as this organization’s Government Affairs Director.